38. Truth and justice

God does not apply pressure. To everyone he gave free will and a chance to decide. He is not fond of slavish obedience. He would like if his creatures loved him because he is worthy, that they were obedient because they know that he is a wise, just and a benevolent Creator.

The principle of goodness, love, acceptance, justice, mercy reflects God's wish and character towards you. Arrogance, cheating, immoderateness, cruelty are embedded in many people's character, but more and more of you recognize the destroying effects of them, keep aloof from them and so you place yourself under the protection of God. Because of his love for the universes he excludes from his grace those, who are thinking in another way.

The Creator revealed himself to the people by his truths and he protects all those from danger, who accept this love. To underrate or distort his justice would be a great mistake of you. God's law is good! Then also truth is good, because it puts the law into effect.

This law is not changeable. It shows the plan and the character of its maker. God is love and his law is love as well. His nature is truth and justice! So the law is.

When people lived in perfect harmony with nature and this law, the principles of justice were written in their heart, but sin alienated them from their Creator. The arrogant desire of the heart was in fight with the principles of the law. The human heart has to renew through the loving power of Christ and the grace of God, in other words it needs to get life from above. The first step of this is to recognize, considerate, exclude and turn away from sin, after which you step on the way of elevation leading to God that is as appropriate steep and hard to go by learning and following the good that is inside you from right of the beginning.

Feeling the temptation of sin, acting continuously by the law and improving in it is only possible step by step, but if you harmonize the human weakness with resolution and goodwill, then, supported by Christ's heavenly power and Mother Mary's love, you can achieve serious results.

Endeavour to show decency in your faith, in true decency knowledge, in knowledge self-control, in self-control steadfastness, in steadfastness love and in love love for your fellows. The power you got from Christ makes you able to refuse bad thoughts and exclude them from your mind.

Who does not love sin, who opposes and defeats the temper that constrains him owns a power that stems solely from above. Never forget that you do not fight against the body but against the darkness of existence that attacks you from above. Temptation works often the most successful through those ones, who seem to be at least its servants.

The talented, educated people are admired, respected as if these abilities would balance the lack of God's presence or would give a right for God's favour. These abilities are also his gifts but if people want to replace love, faith by them, then instead of getting closer to God they become estranged from him and then it becomes a curse. Politeness and good manners are only then Christ features if they stem from love, goodness and justice.

The Satanic power can nobody defeat without its own consent. He didn't got the power to direct the will or to force sin, either. Christ has already won, now it's your turn! Satan's power is restricted, he can only affect you if you permit it. He finds his pleasure in destroying and in causing suffering.

Those, who follow Christ, are safe under his protection. From heaven God sends angels, guardians, protectors, healers and sages for their protection. The evil cannot break trough that guard that God places around his folks.