8. The temptation of satanic forces

Now in the last times of your Earth, all the layers of the pure spheres are nearing you with a huge intensity. It's possible that such a heavenly knowledge reaches you that was given earlier only to the initiated ones. The Divine Grace tries to reach the masses so that their soul and spirit can be saved. However, Satanic forces try to mix up the heavenly knowledge with their own falsity to make your direction in the pure divine value impossible or at least to restrict it. Even the pure human spirits have to be careful by dividing the good from the bad in themselves. Those initiation techniques, esoteric circles that encourage people to have a clear sight and illumination for their own purpose draw the people's soul to the Satanic forces. They gain insight into the astral worlds, but because they themselves are captives of them they won't have the Divine knowledge but come under satanic effect. Not the magical techniques but faith, knowledge and acceptance of the true can lift you up to the soul-spiritual level, which can be achieved through Divine Grace.

Before the big separation masses of human souls from the Third Empire are taking shape as human beings on your Earth, getting the last chance to convert. Usually, from the Creator's law they are separated only by one-two sin-layers they have to peel off: their arrogance and their selfishness! Here are also spirits that belong to the fallen higher spirits. During their elevation their earlier abilities, which they misused, open for them again, and if these can become true, they are the most dangerous among you in body. They get their power from the infected layers and not from the pure divine energies, so while healing and teaching others they only bind them to the astral world. Dozens of false prophets try to affect you, but sooner or later they will be exposed.

The primary key to judge the prophets is their humility and their obedience towards God, the extent of their love. However, the essence of creation is advance, becoming more perfect, in other words filling up with purer and purer love and wisdom, thus a true mediator can only be the person who is able to get energies from the spheres above him and does not receive messages from the spheres below or beside him.

They are higher-level members of the Spiritual World, and also in their physical body they can live on such a high grade of consciousness that they are able to receive the messages of God or his spirits, which enhance their soul-spiritual development. Now, before the Last Judgement, those chosen people, who are sent by heavenly order for vast work to the Earth, are born into one nation and live there. The Hungarians are the carrier of the seed, which was born out of Them, out of their physical-spiritual medium. They are carrying the ancient bloodline, which enables a suitable place for the high-ranking spirits, who are born and live in these times, who are coming to you in groups for the time of division, so that they can lead and help the masses to find the Way of Christ. This is not an honour of earthly nature but a grade of spiritual training for you to join in masses to the overflow of heavenly knowledge. This is a greater possibility of spiritual conversion to God and of being an example to others.

That's why you as spirits of a higher grade-knowledge have to take all possibilities to give all the help you can in the soul-spiritual rise of those fellow human beings of yours, who are reachable to you and who show an interest. Keep them from inquiring curiosity in the astral worlds, because it is dangerous and can cause confusion in the soul, and there they can't get under Divine but Satanic influence. It is possible to advance through artificial techniques but it's not the same on which level the spiritual grade of the so rising, falling soul is fixed. From this fixed level he must elevate mainly with his soul so that he can be able to receive the higher heavenly laws and truths on a higher degree.

Thus, please help in improving other people's soul, because you already know that so you can improve, too. Now, in the last times the divine calling is streaming with such intensity to your Earth that those, who are touched by the pure light of this radiance have to strive upwards. You have to support this endeavour, because for every single person, according to his/her level enlightening and advance is still ensured.

Who is striving with a clear heart towards God, cannot fall! The Divine Grace will be always able to help and elevate him/her. The Lord has already sent off his true messengers on your Earth to call the scattered flock together under the protection of Grace.

You are ready to spread your faith, knowledge by representing God's truth into your environment and thus show the crowd the right way to the Creator, so helping the conditions of Christ's second glorious coming.

Don't forget! Lucifer was aware of the existence of God! Despite of this knowledge selfishness and thirst for power resulting from his arrogance was growing in his spirit. The Human Spirits followed these created shadow-ideas and fell. Lucifer turned against the Creator's intention when he denied helping the Human Spirits, because He thought himself to be more worth than the human beings. He sinned because of the arrogance that if he had given up he would have regained his pure mentality in that servitude being cleared from the still correctable stains he got before. However, because he thought that He became true and did not have to expiate, it hurt his supposed reality that he and other Great spirits had to serve the human beings. Thus, instead of improvement he repeated his original fall, through which he fell out of the Eternal. He set himself against God's will! He didn't serve the Plan of Redemption, which would have ensured the possibility of elevation to the fallen first spirits. These misconceptions, which were the reason why the Saviour has restricted him and his followers under the fourth sphere level, are especially in these last times tempting masses of converted people with more or less success in the interest of their own survival.

They try to mix up the good and the bad in your small, every day acts and try to make impossible to recognise it. They twist the Divine Ideas but do not propagate the negation of God. They do not need the support of fallen people, souls to stay alive, but rather the light and energy of the converted Spirits. The energy system, developed from the improving patterns of the truly purifying Spirits, is the one that can lead back into Eternity those, who are able to progress in it, and this is also what the satanic contrary essences are longing for.

Nobody shall think of himself/herself that he/she cannot be tempted! Your Spirit can only be safe, if in your earthly life it is continuously able to be humble, obey God and is analysing whether it is thinking on something by that its arrogance, thirst for power, selfishness can come to surface again. Of course this is not valid for the never fallen or just wavering Spirits, who are born as helpers among you, but the bigger part of humanity got a body on the Earth as Beings with astray went souls and spirits. You shall pay attention to and help, serve the spiritual way of those, who in their inner self are heading for God. Regardless of denomination or whether one belongs to a church at all, Christ's Kingdom receives those, who conclude a spiritual, loving alliance with him, who are true believers, real converted souls-spirits!