40. Jesus’ admonitions

1. Your strength can become easily your weakness if you do not keep it in balance with wisdom, modesty and humility!

2. Knowledge and intelligence are a great treasure, but they can become your weakness if you become too confident and arrogant because of them.

3. Efficiency is a good feature, but if you overdo it and do not consider the human factors then this creates a cold atmosphere that leads to unhappiness.

4. Your inborn talents hide your carelessness, but without God's blessing this will slow down, moreover perhaps the spiritual development stops as well.

5. That I was a modest, sharp-eyed well-meaning man I achieved even by the people of humblest birth that they felt uninhibited in my presence.

6. These things you shall teach and you shall keep them yourself if you want to stay on the right way.

The support and protection of me and the Christ energies' and Mother Mary's unconditional pure love help you to understand, to make others understand and to keep these things, if you accept.
Through these the Holy Spirit is with you in your endeavours.
Learn, teach, decide but do not judge! Through these God is with you.