36. Universes, hierarchies

God the Father and the Creator Father are two different persons.
The Earth belongs to the Creator (the Heavenly) Father and to his son, Christ.
The task of the souls, spirits of earthly origin is with the help of the souls, spirits of foreign origin to help on the changes.

 The leaders of the seven empires of the universe are on the seventh level. 

First level: The material worlds, e.g.: the Earth. Between the first and second levels there is a dangerous intermediate existence (astral plane).

Second level: It is not a permanent place of being. If the being improves, after the work up of faults it is taught and it can go higher.

Third level: Beautiful environment, there is no time, e.g.: the trees have blossoms and fruits at the same time. Visible bodies. Between the third and the fourth level there is a very clear intermediate existence.

Fourth level: Developed level. Also here are seven steps and numerous stratifications. At the top there are light beings. Visible bodies.

Fifth level: Great spirits that are born with big tasks. A transition between light and energy beings. Here the visible body disappears and more unite.

Sixth level: Energy beings. Here are the wise, which prepare decisions for the Creator's approval.