32. The right of choice is yours

It is not God's task to change the environment of your life. He created you at his own resemblance and you've created all the other things by the power and the knowledge that he gave you as a present. He also gave you the right of choice, so you can use this knowledge for whatever you want.

Every thought or act is stemming from love or fear. The first thought is the primary power-energy that directs the experience. If the second thought you call ulterior motive is fear, it affects much the clarity of the creating thought, because from your mind it drives out the faith that the created state can come true. From the information I gave you, you know what the soul has brought with itself, and for this you needn't ask any more, you only have to create the state within yourself and in your circumstances.

You have to decide for the unconditional love, if you already know, believe that it drives out the fear from your mind and so the first thought will be honest and the state you desire for will be created, because behind everything there is a divine purpose. God's presence pervades everything.

Your first and original natural knowledge is unconditional love, but you shall decide how its expressional form should be. You should be aware of how you think about your own life, consider what you want to do, what you want to get possession of. You shall think about it until you will see it totally clearly and when all details are worked out, then you shouldn't think on other possibilities except on only these ones.

The energies of these pure, honest thoughts start new brain nerve connections, which recall all the knowledge the soul has brought with itself and which is stored in the brain. You are created with the knowledge of remembrance, so remember the knowledge of the soul.

In this the meditation I sent you will help you, during witch the Creator's energies, Christ's holy soul and our Holy Mothers pure heart love is with you and help to succeed the clarity of your thoughts.