31. The thought is a creating power

The majority of people live without being conscious. They live their life full of fear and anger. They compete with each other and in the end they worry about death. Anxiety is the biggest form of the soul's activity. It is close to hate that is the most self-destroying mood – emotion.

These are lost energies that in addition create biochemical reactions, which harm the body and cause diseases. If you stop your emotions of this kind of direction your health will improve at once. Fear is the opposite of all you are and so it affects your physical and mental health as well.

Anxiety, fear, hate, restlessness, bitterness, impatience, roughness, condemnation attack the body on the level of the cells. Conceit, arrogance and greed also lead to physical diseases. All diseases come into being in the mind at first. If you solve the problems in your way of thinking then you have already solved your health problems and you can prevent new bigger troubles as well.

Karmic dept is only existing on the basis of the decision of the enlighten soul between two incarnations to experience its deeds to others.

Since the soul is egoistic that means that its own chance of elevation is the most important for it, by your endeavour towards pure love, by the change of your way of thinking you create such circumstances that are more promoting, elevating for the soul than the experience of the undertaken feeling.

Then the soul renounces or doesn't want from you the experience of karma. In addition, by your changed, loving, accepting, just thoughts you do not create illness but the feeling of happiness, health and satisfaction in yourself.

What you call karma is the inner desire of the soul to be better, nobler, to grow, and only then to look upon the past acts as a way to make you experience its consequences, if it is absolutely necessary for elevation.

People with a pure heart who go God's way do not need this for their improvement, because by helping the soul's elevation they work off their dept that is gradually deleted from the Akasha. Thus as it is although not that clearly revealed from my previous messages a person following God's way is given grace through which by its present elevation he works off his karmic dept in this life.

The "a tooth for a tooth" - principle is not working, because the soul can surpass these things in its improvement without experiencing the consequences of the body's past acts.

Thus in your thoughts turn away from fear, anger, hate, anxiety, competition, envy, injustice, conceit, greed, arrogance, condemnation and let unconditional love, justice, goodwill, helpfulness, calming down and acceptance into your mind and heart.

If these fill your way of thinking, then you can already heal yourself from your diseases and you are also able to heal others.