30. Self-realization

If the thought, the spoken word and the following chain of acts do not originate from pure desire, then not the desired state but expectation is created. You project your expectations very often to others and you create for yourself the comfortable state of passive wait.

However, the soul endeavours to get to know itself and to realise itself and its taken duties by its own decisions and your acts. The human beings often feel the need to get back their investments. If you love someone, it's ok. But you feel much better if your love is returned and this already is expectation, which is the source of human unhappiness.

This is in what you differ from the Creator. Observe who you are in your own expressions, acts and if you do not like the image you see then transform it into one you like, into one, who you really are. This is the process of self-realisation.

You dedicate your mind, soul and body that you form to God's likeness to create your self. This consciousness that reveals itself from minute to minute, the chain of your decisions is continuous creation. Do you always make the right decision? Don't you turn towards expectation?