29. The inner voice, further development

The most difficult for you is to hear the voice of your own soul, however its only purpose is your development that has nothing to do with the performance of the body. You have to be aware of your soul's purpose and cannot judge about it, as it desires the most magnificent, fullest, purest feeling of love. The feeling and not the knowledge!

Knowledge is conceptual, feeling is experiential. The soul wants to feel that means it wants to get to know itself through its own experiences. The highest feeling is the experience of union with everything. Such returning to truth, this feeling of perfect love, the refined sum of feelings, wholeness is the wish of the soul. The soul's only purpose is to experience its own wholeness with your help. Don't examine the evil to know what's good. Both are in you.

Search for goodness, mercy, understanding, peace, joy, forgiveness, patience, power, courage in you. Friendship, justice, acceptance abs love is in you. During your life you already have experienced all of them in yourself.

You also got to know yourself like this as well. Make a decision about yourself that you know your soul like this, exclude the bad thoughts and deeds out of your mind and acknowledge yourself as good. Then you only have to keep this state of being, because if this becomes constant in your thought, then the words spoken about this and the following acts are serving the elevation of the soul, and so you create the peace of completeness in yourself.

This feeling of soul peace, love and truth is the created state, by which the spiritual channel opens, through which your higher self is speaking to you. The mind doesn't chose between the opportunities any more, but sends the wishes of the soul directly and clearly to the brain and you hear them.