28. The levels of consciousness

On the basis of the information and the usable energies you got so far, you perhaps noticed that the body, with which your soul identifies in this material world, is an amazingly planned and created mechanism. The soul's earthly consciousness believes that it is identical with the body, that's why it thinks that the body's characteristics are its own.

If the body is white, has a big nose, is feminine and was born in Hungary, then the soul's earthly consciousness thinks that she is a Hungarian white woman, who needs a nose operation to be pretty. If you can connect to your higher self-consciousness then you do not judge the created beings on the basis of their physical-sensual characteristics. This is important to be able to direct your own incarnation processes.

The soul does not only change its body after death. Then it only changes its task, that's why it begins a new life in a new body with a new net plan.

The body changes during a lifetime several times. Think about a man you see once every 14th year, what a huge change you will recognise from being a baby to being an old man. What if you knew each time what he actually likes or loves, what his desires are at the moment. You would recognise another person in front of you.

One or two external features, one-two sense motives that are the main characteristics of the soul remains, but everything else changes. On the basis of the work of the protein copying systems, your body's cell architecture transforms partially every 7th year and in 80-90% in every 14th year. A chain of 30-40 amino acids take form within 1 second, and this process goes on in your cells without stop from head to toe. Because of being bound to your earthly self this process moves toward old age and death. Except the brain that does not age as you know.

The stimulation of the cerebral nerve connections mentioned in my previous message and the formation of new developments through honest, pure thoughts and way of thinking make even possible that with the recall of new and old yet not achieved connections you may stop the processes leading toward old age and death or even operate it backwards. For this you need the realization of a pure, honest heart state, the way of thinking and acting in the spirit of the three divine laws.

It is essential that you avoid black magic, fortune telling, gambling, and the use of drugs and intoxicating agents. On the earthly-material level of consciousness love is only a self-centred desire to enjoy the object of love. Your love towards someone or something depends on whether your senses are satisfied or not.

When somebody is repulsive for your senses then consider that he also thinks on his own satisfaction, that's why he cannot agree with you. If somebody loves God, then he searches for the good in every created being, despite his senses. You cannot be really good, happy, if you want to satisfy your body or senses.

The soul has to become satisfied, this higher consciousness of the self can then satisfy the body and the changed, improving senses, because the common satisfaction of both, the happiness of soul and body can only occur together. The Creator is present in everybody's heart and in every single atom of creation. Nothing exists without him. He gave you intelligence, memory and is waiting patiently that you surrender your fruitless efforts for the delights of the material world. He waits until you understand that the satisfaction of your senses is not equal with happiness.

You get more and more chances to change, which also refers to the changes of the mind, the heart, the age and material. The source of anything contains the sum of all its particles streaming out, and even more it also contains the possibility of supply.

If you enjoy the advantages of electricity at home that arrives from a power station many kilometres away, the power station's capacity that generates power exceeds many times that little that you use. The Creator's power and love surpasses by far anything that reaches you in the course of creation.

If you understand this, you will endeavour to replace love and other energies you radiate contentiously toward those you are in connection with. This you only can achieve if the purity of your mind and heart radiates to your environment all the time.