27. The knowledge of the soul can be your knowledge

The nearly infinite ability of the human brain makes it possible that trough the mind the soul or the spirit can tell its wishes, plans, and tasks he wants to be done even at the same time if it likes, and in given circumstances the mind can recall these knowledge and tasks for you. The storage and recall of information is the finest and most important phenomenon of the universe.

The mind is the indefinite place of where the intelligence, decision, perception and the feeling of consciousness is. You can draw the electromagnetic and electrochemical processes that take place in the brain under the direction of the mind. To achieve this you only have to endeavour that the state of the heart and the mind is pure, benevolent and just, like the Creator's is.

The belief in God means that you believe in God's gift, in love. To believe God's promise, the infinite possibility for everything you want to achieve. The weak, the disadvantaged became restricted because of their own choice. The soul doesn't meet the challenges of life accidentally, because the aim is the experience, but you chose the obstacles and the occasions to create them.

The soul knows everything, but only understands what you experience. God talks to you, if you hear him, and he comes to you if you call him, because trough your soul, trough your experiences he also got to know how he became his own reality. Behind all your thoughts and deeds is a divine purpose, that's why God's presence is universal and everlasting.

Your own thoughts create the circumstances of your experiences, and God draws from these to get to know himself, because knowledge becomes existing by experiencing its results. If God experiences a part of his knowledge through you, you have created Him in yourself and you've become a part of Him. The part of His knowledge and eternity.

Therefore if you think yourself to be worthy he will talk to you and you will understand every single word of Him, if you understand these relations. Perfect love, the knowledge that stems from experiencing the total of the emotions and sensations is what the soul is longing for and with which the divine energy is able to grow, experiencing the completeness of itself.

If you think and feel that way, then by practising it you can achieve the information, forces, energies and knowledge created by the soul or spirit, which were hidden from you, yet stored in the brain by your mind. The main feature of your consciousness is the ability that you can consider your future. It is not the short-range but the long-range foresight that brings you closer to the achievement of your aims, if you consciously transform your mind, and have access to the power and knowledge that were hidden before you until now. Human beings were created for eternity, thus the brain has an adequate ability of storage and recall.

The part of the Creator's omniscience that refers to you has hence been in you since the beginning, you only need to keep the laws to use it. The honest desire to have it creates a channel in you, through which you can have access to your knowledge that is yet sealed.

The continuous connection of thought, word and act is the process of creation itself. The acts following the words that express the thoughts create the experience. If you want something then you only create the will of something. The honest thought that is repeated, said again and again becomes expressed and it comes true. If you think on the state you'd like to achieve, then that state will be created and realised and not only the will of it.