24. Truth – acceptance – love

An important part of your life's formation is your present way of thinking and your present heart state. Think about them in the respect of the three Divine laws and weigh yourself each day so that you and others can clearly see the development of your soul.

How many people say the truth consequently? Many only conceal the truth or say things they think they benefit from. They see these things as natural in the present world, but if you think it over it isn't.

It is very much justified, esp. now, that you tell, think and do the truth. Nothing more undermines more peace and security as if one isn't always honest. At home, at the workplace and in society. If the people do not keep their word, cheat, make fools of others no one takes advantage of this. The victims become embittered and irritated. Above of emotional and mental damages also physical injuries, even death can derive. Bad work, law quality materials and false statements have already caused serious tragedies.

Who thinks that he wins something through his own lie loses something at the same time trough the lie of others. Untrue thoughts, words and deeds create a vicious circle. The more people deceive others the more blighted hopes, disappointments, violence, injuries, and even deaths appear.

Step out of this circle. It's not by accident that the Creator doesn't suffer lie, false witness. This Satanic effects and consequences make God's creatures that are indented to perfection, namely you, unhappy! If he would tolerate those, who want to make their benefits at their fellow human being's cost, who felt safe in His new system?

Think, say and do what is true! Only this way you can win God's, but also your fellow human being's respect. These days you have to accept a point of view that differs from the usual, and this belongs to the renewal of your mind as well.

Your body's and eyes' desire, the longing for greatness do not originate from the Father but from the world. These things developed in humanity and a big part of them was led to search for independence and follow selfish interests, what led to the break of the divine laws and as a result death exists on your Earth.

Not these things form people's hope and interests, but Truth – Acceptance – and Love. However, because of these things your history became an account with a long list of discords, wars, immorality, crime, profiteering, oppression, proud ambition, pushiness for glory and power.

The world, or a big part of humanity alienated from God is under the power of the devil. By demonic influence he misleads your whole inhabited planet, included the earthly leaders, because he still strings them along with human plans of the establishment of peace and security. It is easy to adjust to the model of the world, and because of the bad spirit of the world it's supporters will be annoyed with you, if you are on the path already.

You need real effort and belief to see things from the Creator's viewpoint and understand that the wisdom of this system originates from foolish narrow-mindedness. Human society is even now spiritually ill and infects. You cannot heal it either because this disease leads to death, however you can help individuals to find the way of spiritual healing and survive for God's new system that is bound to happen.

This is your task and also the key to your spiritual rise, because you see the truth clearer. Your helping spirits and your soul ensure a guidance for you that results in freedom, peace and security which bases on the correct relationship with God and your fellow human beings.