22. The how of the Creation

The atomic explosion helps you to understand much about the process of creation and the originating of the material.

During the explosion of uranium with a supercritical mass different materials form, but their total mass is less than the mass of the original uranium, because a certain quantity of it is transforming and a dreadful energy is released. When a hydrogen bomb explodes the hydrogen atoms unify and transform into helium. The mass of the rising helium is less than the original helium's, because a part of it transforms into explosion energy.

You can see that a little material represents a huge mass of energy. The thermonuclear processes in the Sun transform 564 million tons of hydrogen into 560 million tons of helium. Thus 4 million tons of material transforms into energy, and a part of it reaches your Earth and maintains the balance of life.

The Creator is the dynamic source of the elements that form the Earth. This means much more than the excellent production of the material. The measure of the Earth, its rotation, its distance of the Sun, the pitch of its axis and its orbit around the Sun, which is almost like a circle, must be flawless and exact as well.

The Creator also began to set natural cycles into operation, which enabled your planet to support living beings. If your ancestors had interpreted the biblical days of Creation well, they would have figured out that the days meant thousands, millions of years, periods.

As the result of the long practising work of the great Creator Spirits following the atmosphere the plants, then the animals and finally the human beings developed with continuous changes. Nothing can change God's declared intention that the whole Earth shall be the living place of happy people living in peace. He has the possibility foreseen that with time some will chose the independent, great, rebellious acts.

Nothing, not even a heavenly or earthly rebellion is able to upset the fulfilment of his intention. People and the spirit-creatures can be sure about that at the end of the seventh "day" peace and happiness will rule over the whole universe.

See it that way that the creation of the Earth with real life on it is now on the seventh day or in the final era, because all in all your Creator was aware of the trials and labyrinths of your free will well in advance and he can only judge justly after these and finish his work according to his original intention.