21. Who does not advance remains (falls behind)

It is a sad fact that even today many people rather persist in the present world system despite of its visible failures and evilness. They do not want to turn for justice, because in their view this is disadvantageous for them. They trust in such a religious and political leadership that's interest is to maintain the present condition.

These people are under the effect of the Satanic forces and do not desire justice but benefit. The Creator's patience has a limit and rightly so! His love towards the true and the rising people does not make it possible to let them get lost.

The destruction of those, who persist in the sinful world and the will of it, is such a prise that must be paid in the sake of those who'd like to have what is good and what is right. He enables the establishment of a new, just Earth, where the survivors will be able to work together in love for their own development. Those, who will live that time will learn about love, acceptance and justice and will practise it.

Also today many people want to live forever in peace here on Earth, however they do not want to change their lifestyle, because they do not care for their fellow human beings. The news of the new system seems to be only attractive to those, who are just. This causes in the others the feeling of judgement, though it is not at all illogical to hope for a lasting health and life.

The Creator entrusts the cultivation and care of the Earth to you again, but now only to those who are worthy of it. Namely with the annihilation of the evil the Earth according to God's original intention will be realized and fulfilled. Your Earth will be like in the dream of its Creator, not only on the planning table but also in reality.

Now nothing and nobody can hinder that instead of the earthly paradisiacal territories – which the humans destroyed -, the original Paradisiacal Earth shall be the good and loving people's home.