19. The causes of changes

The bad spirits and demons are existing beings that joined Satan in the rebellion against the Creator and that didn't listen to the warning. Excellent tools for misleading people are the spiritualistic séances, divinations and magic.

That's why I strongly advise you to keep yourself away especially from these and black magic. Satan is the originator and maintainer of the present system of things, he makes use of worldly governments and false religions to cover up the truth before humans, and because spiritism means contacting bad spirits also its practise gives room to the influence of demons.

These influences can cause serious damages in the development of the soul. Wherever you look in this world, you see sin, hatred and trouble. Often the innocent suffer. These evil deeds are done by people against people. Most of them could be avoided by keeping the Divine Laws, because they prohibit murder, theft, greed, drunkenness and other deeds from which people suffer.

The Creator created humans with an amazing brain and body and with such abilities that they can enjoy life. He didn't want you to struggle with troubles. Satan started evil on your Earth. Also the first figurative Adams and Eves are blameable, because they got under the influence of the evil. God allowed sin and suffering to prove imperfectness caused by sin to his creatures with free will. He gave enough time to clear where you get under your own visible and Satan's invisible government.

The last 6000 years show that without keeping God's laws you couldn't direct yourself successfully. Can it be named as progress that bows were replaced by atomic bombs? Is it of use to the people that they build modern comfortably equipped houses, but families are torn by the troubles of the world? The lack of street safety, the destruction of human lives and material goods, as well as unlawfulness are all stemming from not keeping God's laws and from Satan's influence on humans. Humans rule over humans to their own damage.

You have had enough time for experiencing. After a ca. 6000 years of human self-government, when science arrived on the top of development, mankind has faced the possibility of self-destruction. Even the human governments with good intention cannot hinder crime, racism, cannot provide enough food, homes and cannot stop diseases, ageing and death, thus they aren't able to solve the problems of mankind.

Hence a just government is needed, which enables a whole and happy life for everyone. According to his promise, the Creator will send a seed that will be the leader of his organization. He has already made arrangements for the creation of a just world.

Towards the end of the great changes time is near when the Creator's power destroys human systems and draws your planet under his own direction. He stops diseases, ageing and death, crime, famine, and people can live in real peace and safety.

The divine energies cause great changes on the Earth and in the life and quality of the people, who deserve it. Those 144.000 heavenly leaders, who with the help of Christ's energies create these changes and also finish them, are already chosen. They are pure people, souls, spirits, who once lived or who are living in these days. Hence those people will lead, who have human experiences.

They form the New Heaven and as an effect of their activity the New Earth and mankind is taking shape, who with their busy work expand this system and conditions to the whole planet. And they, who are worthy of it, will be the survivors of the present evil system. The assigned earthly leaders will be subordinated to the heavenly ones and function as a kind of antenna between the rapidly developing material world and the leadership of the Great Spirits.