18. Divine support to humans

In the meanwhile you are working on your soul-spiritual development to get to know the heavenly energies better and better and using them, also your planet is going through a rebirth, and this is partly due to you as well.

Universal and material-like changes that are in connection with the Earth make it suited to ensure existential space for new developing generations by utilizing the Ancient Mother's (ancestress') energies.

By freeing the reserves and energy bases (pyramids, bowels of mountains) that were placed by the Creator at the Creation and which are since then here on Earth, enormous forces came and are coming into action in the interest of God's law and the development of mankind.

The ones, who deserve it, are changing together with the material of the Earth in both, their material and spiritual nature. Thus the development and healing of your body depends on the stage of your soul, because the frequency of your present body is even lower than the frequency of the changing Earth.

Who remains at this present frequency, is identifying him/herself with the thicker material of the Earth. From purer energies the Earth is becoming a purer material world as well!