16. The captivity of death

God became a Creator to get to know himself and on the behalf of love and justice, so that he can accept the experiences of other created beings in a world, created by him.

At first he shared the delights of existence with spirit-creatures. Billions of not fallen pure spirits love and praise Him and work on the realization of a universe without sin.

As a result that God allowed evil and suffering it became confirmed that independence from God, Lucifer's leadership couldn't create a better world, but couldn't entice the whole mankind away from the right path, either. It has been already proved that according to God's plan your happiness can only come true by eliminating the evil and striving for the true good. The human beings got in the captivity of death because they sinned, but the Creator did not give you up. Because the reason of death is sin, at first sin has to be wiped out so that the cause of death can be eliminated. Science contributed to live a little bit longer life, but to achieve eternal life after eternity you have to wipe out sin and the thought of it from you as well.

The God given ability to show love is hindered by inherited sin and imperfectness. You live in such a world, in such a system where a self-centred behaviour is characteristic for the majority of humans.

In this environment you need to make serious efforts to learn the way of love, truth and acceptance. Your Soul – Spirit helps you in transforming your mind, thus follow the Creator's love and not the selfish behaviour of humans.