15. Getting on way, temptation

God calls, attracts those, who are searching for Him. He sees into the people's heart. He sees from a person's heart state, mentality, spirituality, so from the lifestyle and way of thinking that characterises him, whether he is reacting to the divine care, grace, that ensures him the possibility to eliminate his sins, debts and to have hope for a forever lasting life in God's New, just system.

He respects the free will of all of you, and today he gives the people on Earth the same opportunity to choose as he gave it to the Israelites 3000 years ago. If you get on the Way that leads to God, then you chose life. Think on the paradisiacal environment on Earth, talk about that.

You can help people getting closer to God in that you help them to develop love, acceptance and justice in their heart, because clear acts led by your inner feelings show who you really are. Although these clear feelings motivate you the most to go Christ's way and elevate in soul, God gives you something more to be able to continue your work.

This is His effecting energy, the power of the Saint Spirit. With the energy received from the Ancient Mother, the clear thinking that developed in you, you are capable of great things.

The Creator's original intention was and still is today that human beings shall live forever. God has eternal time at his disposal, while mankind has placed itself under the captivity of time. You say time is passing by? Time stays, only you are passing because of your sins, life style, damaging your body. God's enemy, Satan, by whose intrigues human life shortened, has fallen into his own trap. His time is soon up! Without temptation, people on the right side will come to perfection and obtain eternal life that God originally intended to give them.

Why do people become old and die? God created human beings for eternal life. Satan is responsible for such sins that led to death of billions of people, however he arranged that the reason of human death should remain a mystery. Although he was created to be a just angel, his later arrogance rejected the truth. Satan the resisting. He is also called the Devil, which means slanderer, because out of disrespect he introduced God to the humans falsely. In his greed he keenly desired the worship with which humans adored God. He wanted to be surrounded by a worship that is only due to God.

That's why he persuaded humans to break the laws. Apparently his sneaky plan succeeded, but he couldn't keep his admirer alive, because in the interest of goodness and the purity of humans God sentenced sin to death.