14. The given word, justice

For development and elevation of the soul you need beside the principle of love and acceptance justice and its recognition. The given word is the most important!

This is an ancient unwritten human rule that the pure ones can follow in these times, too, although it can hardly be found in your societies.

Also God keeps his promises! You can trust in his given word!

He creates a new Heaven and a new Earth for you, where justice will rule, thus there won't be sin or suffering.

You too, shall keep your promises made towards God and your fellow humans beings as well. Also in your everyday life you shan't promise without responsibility, because that's very hard to keep.

Clean your soul's sense for justice, because great things are awaiting you. The justice of a world without war and suffering, the clear principle and practice of love and acceptance will make the part of humanity that is worthy of it happy.

More and more people believe that world piece comes under a world government. However, you already recognise that human rulers will never be willing to give over their power to such a government that is justly, impartially representing all people on Earth.

However, a creation of such a leadership is not of lost faith. God keeps his promises! With the destruction of the evil, your chance for such a leadership is growing proportionally, under which justice and love overflows your Earth. Christ already called upon you 2000 years ago to pray for this leadership, for this land, earthly kingdom created by God.

God's will is that this comes into being! The Lord's Prayer, also known as the Our Father, asks this from God. – "Thy kingdom come. / Thy will be done, / On earth as it is in heaven."

God's will also includes that the Earth is going to change into a just, peaceful Paradise. The leader of this kingdom, who is named by God, is Christ, the Lord of Peace, and this will be a world government, indeed! He will represent each nation equally and will make an end to all human power that is against him, so that humanity will be lead by a just law of love.

People will learn the way of peace, weapons will be destroyed, and those, who love violence, will be erased from existence. Your task is to help the Earth and your fellow human beings in purification, and in acceptance of love and justice.

The Great Spirits are doing this cleaning and division themselves, too, but it depends on your work as well that as much people as possible stay at the right side, because the more people who desire peace, love and justice the new Earth will have, the shinier will be your soul and you yourself will be happy people forever.