10. Dual pair (twin soul)

Here on Earth, you often are not able to keep the promise that is one important cause of your birth and the main pledge of your elevation. Men as effective beings have became more a slave of their distortedly developed arrogance than women, who because of their receptive nature are not that much affected.

The rising soul, who has sinned against its own dual (twin soul), has now to practise how it can reconnect to it by his humility. When a person is sinning against the order of love – love your fellow!" – then he is sinning against God. The Father only takes him back to his original place, if he is practising love towards his companion in body that means supporting his dual (twin soul).

Therefore the rise of humanity is connected to the feminine soul's increased possibility of becoming open, because the receiving part of it is more open for God's word as well. The man's task that he got from God is to ensure better circumstances for his companion, but pushiness, arrogance do not lead to right acts. The own purpose and the desire for honour tore him from his companion.

The emotive dowry of man was to serve his wife and children. Only by practising this he can get closer to his original spiritual greatness, to that spiritual quality that was characterising the effecting part in the higher spheres. On the thorny path back to God, the level where the soul is hurt in the deficiency of reception cannot be left out, because this is an important condition of the heavenly connection of the duals (twin souls).

This is the phase of spiritual development and of the elevation from the fall on which not men's but women's spirituality can help men back on the way to God. Duals (twin souls) can only connect with each other if they are on the same level of purification.

The converted woman cannot receive the man's frailty stemming from his arrogance here on the earthly level, because by doing this she doesn't lift him up to her, but sinks to him, and this does not serve the Creator's Redeeming Laws. Today, the key of women's sacrifice isn't the acceptance of arrogance anymore, but by accepting men's distortions, knowing those, trusting in change, she calls him, because she knows that God calls him through her. The meeting of duals (twin souls) is not a guarantee to get into the highest spheres.

By the union of duals the two spirit-halves can get back to their original union-spirit state, which also connects them back to God, however, this point can also be the place of the fall, because, if one half is much higher than the other, then it mustn't deny its attachment to God but its dual, because by its own purity it can get into the seventh sphere level even as a half. God does not expect from an already clarified dual-half to serve the other, but to remain loyal to it as long as it can elevate and help it, and if it cannot call it anymore, it shall be able to give it up.

Thus, the building together of duals that can be led back into several incarnations, is partly not known by you, but most of your intuition in your dream is linked to this, to let you know, where you have sinned against your mate. The condition of the reconnection of duals is that at their grade of purification they shall be the same, and that both of them endeavour the elevation of the other, but they shan't get back to the Creator by holding on to the other half and taking advantage of it.

Hence, discover your own frailty, so that by consciously eliminating it in humility you realize that you need others and mainly God very much. Thus, humility is equal with openness towards God and other's energies and the elimination of the inner arrogance.

When you consciously notice your own frailty, you have to leave your arrogances behind and have to open yourself for the radiant love energies. That's why a man, who wants to convert, becomes open toward God when he completely opens his soul toward his own mirror, the woman, and also in her soul, the woman has to be open toward the man. So they draw and grow richer from each other, they only want to give each other, the other's happiness is important for them, because this devotion is serving their own happiness.

Selfless love that is able to draw from God can give selflessly. See beyond your present earthly life! You are the ones, who failed in your task in the past, that's why you accepted to take shape on Earth in the last hours. Now, you have the possibility, free yourself from the present failures by practising selfless love. Practise selfless love, which mainly prevails in the soul.

You, male spirits can only find your way back into your real giving-effecting nature, if you relearn by experiencing the female's accepting-receiving goodness, how to receive the divine presents, by which you can change back into powerful and respectful effective spirits. For this you get knowledge and power, if you receive the divine radiances, the faith of Christ into yourself, with which soul-spiritual energies you, as effective beings shall fill up your companion mainly now here on Earth, ensuring the possibility of a stable, joint further elevation for yourself and your companion.